офісна переговорна кабінка O.BOX

Office Box

Office booth O.BOX will help you to concentrate and negotiate more effectively through ergonomics and advanced soundproofing. O.BOX will increase your team’s work efficiency.

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Acoustic office cabins O.BOX

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Advantages of phone booth in the office

Acoustics and noise insulation

Open-space noises increase the stress levels and decrease the employees' ability to focus on work. Our acoustic office booth will help your team to work more efficiently and make online calls and negotiations more comfortable.

O.BOX in figures:

of meetings in the office are held between only 1-4 people. Save time and money by optimizing your workspace.


of office workers suffer from excessive open-space noise, which prevents them from concentrating on tasks.


reduсtion of the workload of meeting rooms while providing employees with comfort and privacy of negotiations.


less distraction, which increases the concentration by 40%. It takes 25 minutes to focus on the task after a break!

Interesting facts about noise and sound insulation

A person feels uncomfortable being in the room without any noise or sound.

30-35 dB less noise

The level of noise insulation in our office booths O.BOX.

Fill the difference

The average noise level in the office reaches 50-55 dB. In our phone booth O.BOX, it will drop to 20-25 dB.


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